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Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy

Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy is a natural alternative to surgery. It treats the cause of your BPH, so you can get back to your life.

Rezūm Therapy is typically performed during one visit at your urologist’s office, or at an outpatient surgery facility.

What is BPH?

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

This is a condition in which the prostate enlarges as men get older. BPH is a very common condition that affects over 40 million Americans and over 500 million aging men worldwide.

As the prostate enlarges, it presses on and blocks the urethra, causing bothersome urinary symptoms such as:

  • Frequent need to urinate both day and night
  • Weak or slow urinary stream
  • A sense that you cannot completely empty your bladder
  • Difficulty or delay in starting urination
  • Urgent feeling of needing to urinate
  • A urinary stream that stops and starts

BPH is a very common condition that affects:


of men by age 603

of men 60+4
of men by age 853
of men with moderate symptoms are unhappy about it1

You can measure the severity of your BPH symptoms by taking the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) questionnaire.

Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy

How Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy works

Sterile water vapor, or steam, is released throughout the targeted prostate tissue in 9-second intervals. Over time, your body’s natural healing response absorbs the treated tissue, shrinking the prostate. With the extra tissue removed, the urethra opens, reducing BPH symptoms. Most patients begin to experience symptom relief in as soon as 2 weeks, and maximum benefit may occur within 3 months.

Benefits of Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy

  • Relieves symptoms safely and effectively
  • Does not require general anesthesia
  • Preserves sexual function
  • Symptom relief that lasts
  • No permanent implant
  • FDA cleared

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