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Male Infertility

Infertility is diagnosed as couples that have been unable to become pregnant after at least one year of unprotected sex although we do oftentimes evaluate patients prior to this. It can include those patients who have secondary infertility which refers to couples that have been pregnant at least once although cannot conceive again. Physicians at Associated Medical Professionals of NY have been trained in the full evaluation of male infertility which may be secondary to low sperm counts or sperm that do not perform properly and are unable to fertilize the egg.

Multiple issues can lead to male infertility including birth defects, heavy use of alcohol or illicit drugs, hormonal imbalances, impotence, chronic or acute infections, advanced age, previous treatment with either chemotherapy or radiation for cancers, history of STD's leading to scarring or injury, retrograde ejaculation, smoking, and certain medications. This can be very distressing to couples and should be evaluated within 6-12 months of inability to conceive without the use of contraceptives.

Evaluation for male infertility typically includes multiple semen analysis to assess for sperm counts as well as dysfunction. It may occasionally also require blood work and rarely testicular biopsy.

Treatment options include:

  • Education
  • Invitro Fertilization
  • Medications to improve possibility of fertilization and setting up appropriate follow up and evaluation of the female partner as well.