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A.M.P. Radiation Oncology can treat any cancer patient requiring radiation treatment. Some of the most common cancers treated with radiation include prostate, lung, breast, brain, bladder, bone, colorectal, esophageal, GYN, skin, head and neck or pancreatic cancer.

Radiation treatments are normally delivered on a daily basis and typically take about 15-20 minutes. A course of treatment varies depending on the location of the disease and the stage of the disease.

The treatment room is designed for patient comfort and equipped with video monitors and an audio system that allows the therapist to see, hear, and even talk to the patient, if needed while the treatment is being delivered. There are no sensations experienced while receiving the actual daily treatment. Unless discouraged for other medical reasons, patients can drive themselves to and from each treatment. Typically, the patient can continue their normal routine while undergoing radiation treatment and if they are working, can continue to do so.

The Edge® Radiosurgery System for Cancer Treatment

How it works:
The Edge® radiosurgery system opens the door for a non-invasive alternative to conventional surgery. With an eye toward improving treatment ease and convenience, patients can expect a more comfortable experience because the procedure is non-invasive with no incision needed. Normally an outpatient procedure, Edge treatments are typically completed within the same week taking only 1 – 5 sessions. Each session lasts less than an hour, which helps patients to quickly get in and out of treatment, reducing hospital stays and allowing them to resume their lives.

With the Edge radiosurgery system, a wide range of tumors that are typically difficult to reach with traditional surgery can be targeted and treated with power and precision. The Edge system works by delivering large, targeted doses of radiation to obliterate cancer cells. To accurately deliver the recommended amount of radiation, the beam treats each part of the tumor from many different angles. Using precise beam sculpting and a real-time tracking system, clinicians are able to deliver high radiation doses to destroy the tumor while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

The Edge Difference:
The Edge® radiosurgery system from Varian Medical Systems offers a new line of defense in the fight against cancer. Using advanced cancer treatment technology, the Edge® system offers patients a fast, effective surgical option for treating tumors without incisions or the need for overnight hospital stays. It may be used to treat tumors found in the lung, prostate, brain, spine and other indications throughout the body. The Edge Radiosurgery system uses a real-time tumor tracking system so clinicians can detect slight tumor movement, thus potentially minimizing the radiation dose to surrounding healthy tissue.

Why choose the Edge Radiosurgery system:

  • Edge’s knife-like beam provides surgeons with the agility to treat tumors that are typically difficult to reach surgically.
  • Edge protects surrounding healthy tissue by using advanced motion management techniques that help detect even slight tumor movement.
  • Edge patients are able to continue with their daily lives because treatment sessions typically last less than an hour, and require neither hospital stays nor incisions.

*Edge radiosurgery is not appropriate for all cancers. Serious side effects, including fatigue and skin irritation, can occur. Treatment times may vary. Ask your doctor if the Edge treatment system is right for you.


A.M.P. Edge Patient Brochure