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Non-Discrimination Notice

Thank you to our donors!

Associated Medical Professionals would like to thank the following individuals and companies that have helped us by donating face masks during this pandemic to help keep us safe:

Sharon & Jen Shaw
Stacey Borst
Wendy Alberici
Stephanie Kim
Trish Beyer
Jeffrey and Jane McClure
Deborah Granado
Dr. Abeer Hanna-Life Butler County
Sherri Olson
Jaya Lyer PhD-Svaha
Syracuse Chinese Community-COVID-19 Drive
Elaine Schneider-Northside Church Liverpool
Pastor Scott LeClare-Northside Church Liverpool
Ed Concepcion-Edconcepcion.etsy.comĀ 
Nancy Tran-Nancy Tran Inc
Celena Tang
Angela Flaviani-FLAVIANI Leather Handbags & Accessories