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Second Chances: Vasectomy Reversals

Many men successfully undergo vasectomy for permanent birth control.  While a routine, safe procedure, it has traditionally been considered irreversible.  Newer surgical techniques and improved surgical equipment have turned the tables on this assumption.

A.M.P. Urology has a sophisticated microscope capable of binocular, three-dimensional magnification of the tiny vas deferens.  This allows physicians to re-connect the sperm-carrying channel and restore natural fertility.  The procedure is done in the office or at most hospitals, with a mild IV anesthetic and takes approximately 2-3 hours.  Recovery is similar to a vasectomy and men are encouraged to take 1 week off from work and avoid exercise and strenuous activity for 4 weeks.

A.M.P. Urology has several Physicians including: Dr. Block, Dr. El-Hassan, Dr. Kaye, Dr. Kronhaus, Dr. Pavlov-Shapiro and Dr. Sauer which are available to counsel couples on the vasectomy reversal procedure.

Patients and their spouses are encouraged to call the following offices to set up a consultation by calling the following Providers.  Most insurances do not pay for this service and the actual charge for the procedure may vary depending on the facility.