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MammoSite – 5-Day breast cancer treatment offered by A.M.P. Radiation Oncology

A.M.P.  Radiation Oncology is treating breast cancer patients with a highly effective treatment! The treatment is called High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy and can be utilized for select breast cancer patients. The technique is called partial breast irradiation and is delivered over a five-day time frame. The partial breast irradiation is performed with a HDR machine manufactured by Nucletron – an Elekta Company. This technology can also be used for gynecological, lung and skin cancer treatment. The unit delivers radiation directly inside or next to the tumor and precisely targets the cancerous tumor from inside the body. This tailored approach reduces the risk of any unnecessary damage to healthy tissue and organs that are close to the tumor, therefore reducing side effects and improving quality of life.

The HDR Partial Breast Radiation technique is supported by the American Society of Breast Surgeons. It is highly effective and equivalent to a six week course of external radiation. It is convenient and patients experience good to excellent cosmetic results. The treatments are delivered by Board Certified Radiation Oncologists – Dr. Mariados and Dr. Randall.