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Care That Cares: A.M.P.'s Dr. Angelo DeRosalia Makes Medical Mission Trip to Ecuador

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"It helps you realize why you go into medicine in the first place. It's a reminder of the oath we take."

After providing care for 115 patients over the course of three days, A.M.P. urologist Dr. Angelo DeRosalia reflected on his medical mission trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador. 

"A large portion of the population there does not have access to health care that we're accustomed to in this country," Dr. DeRosalia said. 

Dr. DeRosalia collaborated with A.M.P., St. Joseph's Hospital and Blanca's House to help take action and provide needed medical care to the people of Ecuador. Blanca's House describes its purpose as bringing "much needed quality medical care to countries and communities throughout Latin America." 

Dr. DeRosalia traveled to Ecuador for the first ever urology mission trip, which he funded at his own expense.

Following a 7 hour flight, Dr. DeRosalia arrived in Ecuador at 7am. Just two hours after arriving, Dr. DeRosalia and two St. Joseph's physician assistants started seeing patients at a clinic in Ecuador.

"We worked a lot. We started work at 6:30[am] and worked until 6:30[pm] or 7 o'clock," said Dr. DeRosalia. "It's fulfilling. It's gratifying."

Helping Hands

Dr. DeRosalia described this medical mission trip as "a screening trip." The purpose of this first medical mission trip was to evaluate the medical needs of patients. 

"We went down and we saw patients." Dr. Derosalia said. "We brought samples. We brought vials of antibiotics and our own equipment to provide the standard of quality care we are accustomed to in the U.S."

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"We had a bus of people come in from a town called Santa Lucia, which is about 90 minutes out of Guayaquil," Dr. DeRosalia described. After providing care for them, Dr. DeRosalia said they were able to sit down one evening and enjoy a meal together, as they prepared and brought a meal to show how grateful they were for the service he provided.

"We have arranged to go back in March 2018 to perform some of the surgeries that are required, and to see these patients and to follow up." Dr. DeRosalia said. 

In addition to the two physician assistants and 5 support staff who traveled with Dr. DeRosalia from the U.S., 6 Ecuadorian medical students assisted Dr. DeRosalia. 

"It was a holiday weekend, and they gave their own personal time, spent the entire day with us, acting as translators and helping me as a liaison," Dr. DeRosalia said, praising the Ecuadorian medical students.

A Medical Mission That Continues

"We have people set up for surgery ranging from 9 years of age to elderly for the trip in March," Dr. DeRosalia said. 

"We're excited to go back in March. I'm hoping this is something we can build upon," Dr. DeRosalia said. "We're hoping to develop long term relationships with these patients."

"There's a lot of members of the community who want to give back and do this sort of thing," Dr. DeRosalia said. "I have already been approached very seriously by an anesthesiologist and a nephrologist in Syracuse who want to go back with us in March." 

A.M.P. is Committed to Care That Cares

In addition to Dr. DeRosalia's medical mission trip to Ecuador, A.M.P. has made a point to give back to the local Central New York community that it is a part of. 

amp logo"We have a race that we sponsor annually called ZERO run/walk," Dr. DeRosalia said.  ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer's purpose is to end prostate cancer by raising funds for prostate cancer research, education and support. 

Every month, A.M.P. provides a donation to a different local charity. 

"A.M.P. is a unique organization," Dr. DeRosalia said. "It's able to provide collaborative, high quality urology care to the entire region. There's very few organizations like A.M.P. in the country."