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A.M.P. Providers recognized as 2018 Top Performers

A.M.P. works with a 3rd party vendor, MedStatix, to obtain our patient satisfaction surveys. This is done anonymously. These results are reviewed monthly to ensure we are continuously providing quality care.

MedStatix recognizes the top performers from the 46,000 providers using their Patient Experience Platform. They gathered feedback from over 2 Million patients in 2018. Only providers who have received scores above 96% in Overall Patient Satisfaction and 60 reviews, qualified for a Top Performer award. Only 12% of the providers they surveyed made the list. 21 of A.M.P.’s 42 Providers surveyed received this recognition as being a top performer in 2018!

Dr. Andres Madissoo
Dr. Angelo DeRosalia
Dr. Bashar Omarbasha
Dr. Daniel Welchons
Dr. Elan Salzhauer
Dr. Elizabeth Bozeman
Dr. Gary Bozeman
Dr. Jonathan Block
Dr. Neil Mariados
Dr. Po Lam
Dr. Richard Kronhaus
Dr. Sasha Pavlov-Shapiro
Dr. William Foresman
Anne Kukulski, P.A.-C.
Cynthia Koval, P.A.-C.
Jeffery Jones, P.A.-C.
Katie Simpson, P.A.-C.
Megan Gallerani, P.A.-C.
Susan Lipsy, A.N.P.-B.C., C.U.N.P.
Theresa Hutchings, F.N.P., R.N.F.A.
Theresa Moore, A.N.P.-B.C.

Note that the overall patient satisfaction % for A.M.P. as a group (all providers) is 96.14%.