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A.M.P. Patient Portal benefits

Here’s some of the things that can be accomplished on the Portal:

▫Patients can enter and update their patient demographic and insurance information.
▫Patients can enter and update their Past Medical, Family and Social History.
▫Patients can receive lab orders, xray orders, and general orders via the MEDENT Patient Portal. They can also receive their lab results after 4 days.
▫Communicate messages securely with the office
▫Patients can request appointments.
▫Patients can request prescription refills.
▫Patients can edit their pharmacy information.
▫Patients can view Rx education material.
▫Patients can add and remove medications and allergies.
▫Patients will have access to a summary of their chart. A patient can log in via their portal account and retrieve an electronic summary of their chart in the form of a CCD or PDF.
▫Patients can attach image files (JPEG, PNG, and TIFF) to messages they send the practice.
Video on merits of the portal

Click HERE to learn how to set it up. You will need an activation code. If you do not have one please call your A.M.P. office!!!